13 Crazy Things That Only Kimye Can Get Away With


Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) is the celebrity couple that everyone loves to hate. Known for her rise to fame through the Ray J sex tape and her reality show, Kim (officially) came together with Kanye, who was now known more for his outlandish outbursts than his music, in 2012. The merger of Kim and Kanye, what soon became Kimye, took Hollywood byt the storm as many began comparing them to another power couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Love them or hate them, there’s one thing for sure: there are only certain things that they can get away with doing. Seriously. If Bound 2 wasn’t proof enough that this couple is taking full advantage of all the fame, money and glory that their fans (and their haters) throw at them, we don’t know what is. Here are some crazy things the couple has done that no normal couple could get away with doing.

Kanye throwing away Kim’s clothes on Keeping Up With The Kardashian.

Shortly after the couple began dating, Kanye went through Kim’s closet and tossed out all of her clothes and replaced it with stuff that his stylist had chosen for her. Whether or not it was to help her make the Best Dressed List, this would be a HUGE no-no for any real-life couple. Ladies, you can probably recall the reaction that your man had when you tried to get him to upgrade his jeans and tshirt look. And guys, just imagine doing this to your new girlfriend over national television…yeah that will go over well.