16 Scandalous Celebrity Love Triangles


It’s true that love makes the world go round, but we all know that it can get a little messy at times. And it’s not just for us regular people either, celebrities have it hard too! Like the plot of a Hollywood movie or an outdated daytime soap opera, celebrities are no strangers to having affairs or even dating their friends’ exes (some even before they were officially split – yikes!). Check out some of the most twisted celebrity romances:

Ariana Grande + Jai Brooks

Ariana Grande is the talk of the town lately. From licking other people’s donuts to kissing her backup dancer to saying she hates America, there was a time when she was just a normal girl, caught up with a normal love triangle. Ariana Grande dated Jai Brooks from the Australian comedy group The Janoskians for a really long time, which included a breakup then make up. The two began their relationship over the internet (where all success relationships start) after Ariana’s Nona showed her a Janoskians video. While everything seemed fine and dandy, the couple hit some rocks that looked like some named Nathan Sykes, a.k.a. Ariana’s other boyfriend during the time.

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