17 Wrestlers Who Faced Extreme Hardship

Shawn Michaels

Wrestling is an extremely tough business. While lots of people like to casually dismiss it as entirely fake, the physical punishment wrestlers endure is very real. And so are the demons many of them face during or after their time in the spotlight. These wrestlers who died, wrestled with substance abuse, or succumbed to other hardships, will (mostly) all do a backflip off your heartstrings.

Shawn Michaels, otherwise known as The Heartbreak Kid, is one of the most talented wrestlers in the history of the business. Thankfully, he cannot be counted among the ranks of wrestlers who died. He did, however, have a pretty serious problem with drugs and alcohol. Thankfully, he cleaned up. It might have had something to do with his wife, a former Nitro girl named Whisper. In 2011, Michaels got inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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