20 Teammates Who Betrayed Each Other


Professional athletes are competitive by nature. But while most guys are only eyeing playing times and positions in the game, some are drifting their sights toward the WAGs of other players. These broken bro codes have created some of the fiercest feuds in sports history and for good reason. All we’re saying is that it’s important to stay sharp and alert even when you’re not in the game. Here are 20 athletes who are Mr. Steal Your Girl:

Tony Parker and Brent Barry’s wife

Despite being married to the gorgeous Eva Longoria, Tony Parker went after fellow Spurs Brent Barry’s wife. Although Erin Barry denies anything physical ever happened between the two, a sexting relationship soon came to light, resulting in a divorce for both parties. Not only were Eva and Brent pissed at their significant others, the entire San Antonio Spurs staff were said to be pretty unhappy too: “To be involved with another teammate’s wife, that’s just like hand’s off! That really is disgusting.”

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