25 Celebrities Who Died Way Too Soon


Life is definitely too short and these people’s lives were taken from them far too soon. Whether they died of car accidents, drug abuse or completely unfortunate incidences, they were at the prime of their lives and working on their career. It definitely serves as a reminder that life is delicate and everyday should be lived to its fullest.

Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014, age 46)

The Oscar winning actor was taken from this world way too early. On February 2nd, Hoffman was found lifeless on the bathroom floor of his Manhattan apartment. A syringe was still firmly planted in his arm. Although he had suffered from bouts of drug abuse in the past, his close friends claimed they thought he was sober. Law enforcement officials found 49 full bags of heroin along with 23 empty bags. There were additionally, 4 bags of white powder believed to be cocaine. Detectives later discovered that the night before his death, Philip had withdrawn more than $1,000 from a nearby ATM. He was also seen chatting with a couple of suspicious characters near his building that same day, possibly suppliers. Hoffman will always be remembered for his phenomenal range of acting talent, being able to play supporting characters as well as leading men.

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