Outrageously Expensive Celebrity Divorces


Happily ever afters are far and few between in this day and age, especially in the land of the rich and famous. In 2015 alone, we saw our fair share of high-profile messy divorces, with  some resulting in significant financial blunders. But while the ending of those nuptials were sad, none fared worse than these stars. Despite having signed prenuptial agreements, these Hollywood A-listers lost a fortune as a result of their shattered marriages. How much you ask? Well let’s just say the amount of money they lost will teach you to really mean it when you say “til death do us part”. Here are the most expensive celebrity divorces:

Alex Rodriguez

Settlement: $12 million, child support and “equitable distribution” of all assets acquired during the marriage

New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez met Cynthia Scurtis, a psychology graduate, at a gym in Miami in 1996. Scurtis was on the stairmaster at Body and Soul Gym in Coconut Grove when A-Rod approached her. After declining many times, Scurtis gave in to a date which led to marriage six years later in 2002. The couple had two children together. A-Rod’s  career was taking off as his marriage slowly deteriorated. In 2007, Rodriguez was spotted spending an evening in Toronto with a blonde woman, later identified as longtime exotic dancer Joslyn Noel Morse. Although Scurtis seemed unfazed by his indiscretion, it wasn’t until rumors involving an affair between Rodriguez and Madonna moments after the birth of their second child surfaced that she set the last straw. Scurtis reportedly asked for half of all assets gained during the couples’ marriage, along with the couple’s $12 million waterfront estate in Florida and enough money to maintain her standard of living.