These 11 People Spent a Fortune to Look Like Plastic Dolls


We all want to be as attractive as possible, but for the people in this list, the quest for beauty is the driving force in their lives. As cosmetic surgery technology continues to improve, more and more options will be available to those with the money and inclination to make their fantasies a reality. And some of those fantasies are about as outlandish as the kind with wizards and unicorns in them.

These “human dolls” have undergone so much modification that some of them look like they weren’t born so much as manufactured. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so behold away.


1. Jessica Rabbit


Australian pin-up model Penny Brown has made some pretty major changes to her body in order to look like Jessica Rabbit, the buxom cartoon character from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Her natural 34H breasts weren’t quite enormous enough for her, and were upgraded to 36O’s. O my.

Brown also subjected herself to extreme corsetting that crunched her waist down to size 23. Sure, eating solid food was tricky, but she thinks it was worth it. So does her husband.