These Celebs Were Scammed Out Of Millions


Celebrities have teams full of financial advisers, managers, and closely trusted “confidants.” Unfortunately, humans are humans, and scam artists exist where you would least expect them. When millions of dollars are at stake, desperate people will try to capitalize off of the hard work of others. Because what’s easier than watching other people EARN money? Taking it for free.

The key is faking trust. These scumbags weasel their way into the inner circle and then manipulate their clients into losing boatloads of dough. Stories of fraud emerge everyday, but here are the most public stories of high profile people getting scammed.

1. Hillary Clinton

Amount Lost: $22,000

Claudio Osorio was a successful entrepreneur, creating CHS Electronics in the 1990s. By 2012, he was locked away in prison for various frauds, including defrauding a Haitian Earthquake charity. Nice. News also came out that he was a fan of Hillary and donated $22,000 to her campaigns. Upon the news, Hillary was forced to return the fraudulent cash.